Laser Scar Removal Technologies

Laser Scar Removal Technologies

There are several totally different lasers employed for laser scar removal. These are continually being developed; the lasers at the moment are more exact and provide a much shorter recovery time than those used a decade ago.

The technology most commonly used involves the vaporization of the top layers of the skin, resulting in a smoother appearance. Other laser scar removal types encourage the growth of collagen beneath scars, in order that indented scars develop into stuffed from below.

Immediately's lasers come in different wavelengths, which impacts how deeply they penetrate the skin. Because of this, they range within the types of scars on which they're most effective. Listed here are probably the most commonly used lasers used for scar removal:

CO2 lasers are the oldest type used for removing scars. They're most often used on acne scarring, which they remove by vaporizing one layer of the skin at a time till the scar is flat towards the remainder of the skin, making the skin smooth.
Erbium, another older type of laser, can also be used to treat acne scars, specifically those which might be textured. The Erbium laser is designed to resurface the skin by removing the outermost layers. This type of laser boasts a decrease rate of problems than other types, and can be utilized on varying skin types.
The Er:YAG laser system treats the edges of scars, as well as gentle to moderate acne scarring. It causes less damage than other types of lasers, and is considered more effective than CO2 lasers. Additionally it is more effective on people with medium skin tones; other lasers are greatest used only on individuals with pale skin tones. Healing time and swelling are each reduced after undergoing laser scar removal with the Er:YAG laser system.
The Pulse Dye Laser (PDL) system is a shorter 585nm wavelength laser used to treat each hypertrophic and keloid scars. It's efficient at reducing the redness of scars because it is drawn to the hemoglobin in blood. The PDL system as additionally been used in the remedy of stretch marks.
The Q-switched laser is most often used for pigmented scars, Volluma notably in people with darker skin. Pigmented scars have excess melanin, which is focused by the Q-switched laser.
Because there are numerous totally different types of scars, there are a lot of types of lasers to deal with them. Your choice of technology will depend on your skin type, the scar you are attempting to remove, and the doctor you choose.

These totally different technologies have been used beneath several brand names, so make sure you ask your physician in regards to the type of laser technology getting used earlier than you conform to the laser scar removal procedure.